A group of dedicated professionals with «true grit»

We are a start-up that build a service that aim at disrupting the social media landscape. We are ambitious enough to get fired up by an idea that there is a market for a global network of quality content.

We have been at it for some time, and some of us have even decided to call it quits. But, there are those among us that manage to persevere and keep on trying to change reality, as we believe that a good idea can change something.

Our team has the perfect size for a start-up. All members are professionals in their field of competence. We are experienced tech managers, project managers, UX-specialists, senior graphic designers and developers (front end, app, back-end).

So far, we are done with the specification and architecture, and are almost done with the development of the service. We are soon ready to launch and have our marketing plan almost ready as well.