Are you ambitious enough to challenge the social media giants?

Are you the type of person that gets annoyed when your feed is getting clogged up with cat videos and pictures of vacation selfies? Do you think that social media is responsible for the dumbing down of mainstream media? Is it a strain to find anything that’s actually interesting for you on your feed?

Then you should consider joining us. Please read on.

We are looking for developers (front-end, back-end and full-stack)


  • Optimistic and determined spirit (grit)
  • Nice (able work with other people)
  • Curious
  • Competence in at least any of these technologies: React, Redux, Node.js, Fusetools, Tyk, Neo4j, Elastic, Amazon dynamodb, Docker, Microservices; or other relevant technologies


  • Can work evenings and/or nights
  • Can sometime work on Saturday and/or Sundays
  • Can work on a good idea with a global potential


  • No need to quit your day job
  • Spare time project with no ordinary salary
  • As a compensation you will get shares when we launch the company and service together

We offer

  • Interesting and demanding tasks
  • International team
  • Good opportunities for professional development
  • Informal environment characterized by trust and openness
  • Project with global potential

You will, of course, receive details about the strategics behind the concept, the functionality of the service and our marketing plan. Early in the initial dialogue with us, we will ensure that you know enough to decide if you want to proceed and join the project.


There is no deadline to apply, we are constantly looking for people who are passionate about programming, and that want to make a better world.

Project manager or designer?

Do you find our ideas interesting, but are not familiar with writing code? If you are good at project management or design, we would also like to hear from you.